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December 5 -8, 2019

ladies + gents, YOUR HOSTS


No. 01
We're stir crazy lovebugs.
We're Paige + Corey, two married and currently recovering New Yorkers. We met in college and have worked in the photo + video industry in Manhattan for 6 years. But now is the time to stretch our legs and do something that can make a beautiful impact.

No. 02
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THE DEEP stuff


Quick rundown:

We got quite tired of the typical workshop scenario. We've watched group education transform from trade shows, to conference halls, to hip retreats and now more intimate settings for small workshops. The environments have changed and become more inviting, the community has become more respectful and supportive, but there's still a lot of aspects we had problems with.

After years of working in the heart of these communities and events, we've learned a great deal from observing, taking risks, making mistakes and taking note of what makes a successful workshop and trustworthy educator. We're combining our years of experience and putting together something new. Something refreshing and exciting.

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