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Yes! Welcome!
We're so excited to be able to finally offer a workshop for a group of creatives frequently ignored and overlooked - the new kids on the block. This is a traveling workshop specializing in Photo 101, understanding your gear, engaging with clients and starting your professional portfolio. We're committing ourselves to creating a safe space to learn + grow, while engaging in hands-on practice and building a community. This one-day course is designed to break down all the confusing aspects of photography and help young artists start their creative journey.

Best part of all?
We're coming to you! In fact, we've decided to move our entire lives into a renovated vintage airstream so we can travel our diverse country and bring affordable education to your backyard. There are no more excuses. We're giving you every opportunity to explore the art of photography and ask all those questions you were too afraid to ask.




The Beginner to Intermediate.
We are primarily providing an in-depth course in Photo 101, which encompasses multiple elements that photographers of different strength will find useful.

→ This is for young creatives who cannot afford to travel for workshops. This is for the busy and driven who cannot take a week of work to attend retreats. This is for the young and curious who cannot skip school for a week. This is for the skeptical who cannot commit fully to a business and would rather learn without the strings.



The First Half // Photo 101
This will dive heavily into your camera, breaking down the technical side of photography into terms you can comprehend without any stress. We'll then cover the most necessary knowledge for creating a strong photographer such as composing elements, copyright, editing techniques in Lightroom and branding.

→ The Second Half // Field Work
Business workflow! How we book, work with couples, posing/prompts, a few tips + tricks and then a live shoot.



Anywhere. Everywhere.
Our goal is make education affordable and accessible for the next generation of creatives. We know it's not easy to take time off work/school and travel to attend workshops. So we're bringing our course to you. We're taking an entire year to travel and host our workshop in beautiful and unique locations.

→ Surprise!
The general area of the workshops will be available for viewing, but exact locations will be privately disclosed.

ladies + gents, YOUR HOSTS


No. 01
We're stir crazy lovebugs.
We're Paige + Corey, two married and currently recovering New Yorkers. We met in college and have worked in the photo + video industry in Manhattan for 6 years. But now is the time to stretch our legs and do something that can make a beautiful impact.

No. 02
→ Lurk us, it's cool.
But to learn a little more about us, the husband + wife duo making road's end a reality, then click here! Otherwise, lurk away, my friends. You'll end up on our bio pages anyway, so.. we win.
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THE DEEP stuff


Quick rundown:

We got quite tired of the typical workshop scenario. We've watched group education transform from trade shows, to conference halls, to hip retreats and now more intimate settings for small workshops. The environments have changed and become more inviting, the community has become more respectful and supportive, but there's still a lot of aspects we had problems with.

After years of working in the heart of these communities and events, we've learned a great deal from observing, taking risks, making mistakes and taking note of what makes a successful workshop and trustworthy educator. We're combining our years of experience and putting together something new. Something refreshing and exciting.

To learn more about our personal story and dedication to this workshop + the community it creates, click below.