This guide is everything you need to start creating a deeper and more meaningful experience with your clients. We keep it super transparent and honest! We have three full chapters with examples, tips and even a free checklist to help you throughout any shoot. We break down our entire process into three simple and memorable steps:
Connect, Guide and Control.

Did you buy a pack of prompts, only to find out they don’t fit with your brand?
Don’t feel pressured to use those!

Have you searched endlessly on prompt pages?
It’s a lot of the same things, right? And all superficial.

Are you looking to create a more memorable experience for your clients?
It’s much easier than you think! You’re the only thing holding you back.

How will this help you?
This 13 page guide breaks down our entire process and helps eliminate the anxiety most of us feel when trying to perfectly document a love story. Learn our trusted prompts and workflow for any shoot, practice with the exercises we provide and use the included checklist to help find your own workflow.

“This e-book changes your whole perspective. No more awkward posing and faking emotions! It teaches you how to create real trust with clients and to guide the session so that the client’s relationship happens in front of the camera naturally. This e-book explores the part of photography that matters. You can get amazing photos on any gear, even on a smartphone, because it’s all about the moment!”


“This ebook is not just a list of generic instructions that leave you thinking ‘but how?!’ - it actually breaks down all the factors that go into evoking real emotion from clients and make them feel comfortable with you. I loved the specific examples of how you can easily shift a basic prompt into a thoughtful, emotional moment. It explains the steps and how to move your session toward a place of peace where your couples can open up and be vulnerable. I tend to start out with "basic" poses while breaking the ice, then move toward silly things to get laughter, but I couldn't figure out how to then transition into a more serious mood - this totally opened my eyes to a different approach that I'm excited to try out. The book ends with tips on how to incorporate the approach into your daily life, not just your sessions, which I think is SO important. I love how thoughtfully and all-encompassing this book was written, and I will be referring back to this often until the process comes totally naturally to me!”

“I was so excited to get my copy of FEELINGS because Going Home captures some of the most emotive and real photos I've ever seen and it did not disappoint! Unlike other guides that may spit out poses and prompts this is a resource that will thoroughly explain how to cultivate authentic and raw emotion in your imagery without having to fake a moment. From the second you first meet your clients to when you're deep into their session this ebook will walk you through how to transition from making them comfortable to pulling out those intense, beautiful moments. It's packed with tips and tricks and is beautifully designed. FEELINGS will not only enhance your sessions but it will help guide you on how to provide a more meaningful experience for your clients and yourself as a photographer.”


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