ThE art of gift giving.

I’m a good gift-giver. I pride myself on it. But sometimes my budget isn’t there or I overlooked an important date. Greetabl has saved my butt before and I’m stoked to see them taking an interest in small business ventures (see below). Not only are their products photography-friendly, but the offered products for inside the gift-boxes have always been unique and thoughtful. They work with designers and artists to design funky origami like gift-boxes, filled with vibrant graphics, custom images and a note from the sender. It’s always personal and fun experience when you send one and when you receive one.

Now they’re stepping into the world of customized client experiences and that is just the BEST. This means we now have the ability to customize these gift-boxes down to the graphics and the logo on the insert card… so it can incredibly personalized and custom for your brand, your business and your clients. Send your clients a specialized gift they’ll remember and cherish.

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*hint: check the mail a week before your workshop for a little something from us!

greetabl_logo (4).png