We'll take all the recommendations you can think of.
Please review our route above and fill out the form below. We want to see everything, drink the best coffee, meet the locals and experience life to the fullest. Please feel free to recommend literally anything, but here's a couple ideas to get the ball rolling... 

→ photo gems (places only the locals know of)
→ best coffee in town
→ roadside attractions
→ pet friendly rv sites
→ makers to collaborate with (they'll get all photoshoot images)
→ spotify playlists
→ people to invite over for s'mores
→ historical monuments
→ the burrito we’ll write home about
→ places with cool rocks
→ local stores to support and/or partner with
→ hibachi restaurants
→ hikes an average human can handle

... or anything else your adventurous heart can think of!

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