Road’s End: The Retreat

An Intimate Photography Retreat 

Because you are worth it. And your business is worth investing in.

Road’s End is an intimate photography retreat that helps photographers take their photography business to the next level.


We are a group of passionate and successful photographers that are DEDICATED TO helping other photographers take their business to the next level. 

 Because we believe your business is worth it.


If you want to feel more confident with your camera and understand light better after having plenty of hands-on experiences throughout the weekend.

If you want to feel more confident in posing your couples authentically. 

If you want to become more confident and proficient with Lightroom, SEO and client management.

If you are tired of disappointing workshops that have vague education and egotistic instructors. 

If you want to understand your brand and business even better which will ultimately help you bring financial success (and happiness) 

If you want to have a community of like-minded creatives to CHEER YOU ON, always!

If you feel like you love your photo work but you have a hard time finding the right clients to work with.

If you are tired of disappointing workshops that have vague education and egotistic instructors.

If you want to be inspired, build your portfolio with our diverse live shoots.

If you want to feel more inspired and rejuvenated after a busy and stressful wedding season. 

If you want to enter 2020 with more confidence than you thought imaginable. 

And if you need a fresh start, surrounded by friends, with good food, a warm bed and a family that believes in you.


The Details


Road’s End Retreat is an all-inclusive learning intensive meets retreat. Over the course of a few days and nights, we will give you the right tools you need to shift your business to a better version of it.

It’s a place where you both rest and rebuild. We are more involved than a workshop and more intimate than a conference. We find a balance between work and cultivation, rest and play, learning and contributing.


You are worth investing in. So is your business.

The only way to grow your business is by investing into it.

Ok Real Talk…What’s Included?

✖ All inclusive experience so all you have to focus on is what’s important (food and lodging is included)*
✖ Six educational courses on topics to help you better you and your business
✖ Impactful and well-respected keynote speaker
✖ Open discussions, honesty + transparency
✖ Live shoots (at least two!) to test your new skills and expand your portfolio.
✖ Incredible educators who put your needs first.
✖ Fun activities to balance both sides of your brain (let’s get crafty!).
✖ Edit lab - let’s sit down together and create some magic.
✖ One-on-one mentorships to guide you through anything you need.
✖ Morning yoga + evening dance parties.
✖ A supportive community, free of judgement.
✖ Styled and delicious family meals!
✖ Badass sponsors and goodie bags.
✖ Surprises! We’re working hard to surprise you with fun activities. Lot of them.


December 5 - 8, 2019

Nashville, Tennessee

All-Inclusive Learning Retreat

$1600 per person (space extremely limited)

This retreat is all-inclusive. We will provide food, drinks, education, inspiration, lodging and the community.


from past attendees because they think we’re pretty awesome too.


“This workshop is absolutely a hidden gem. Lately, I’ve been so wrapped up in what successful photographers in my area are doing right, and I’m so glad I branched out to learn what these New Yorkers are doing right. They had a fresh perspective on the industry, a voice, and a personality for my brand and I’ve never felt so inspired or empowered to do this job well. From Paige’s knowledge from her BH days, and Corey’s ability to research and explain ANY nerdy thing you can think of, you’re in knowledgeable hands with them. I seriously cannot recommend this experience enough. At the cost and their accommodating schedule, it’s an absolute MUST that you find them on a date near you and hang with them!”


“It has been about 3 months since I attended the Road's End Workshop. I meant to leave a review sooner raving about how much I loved the workshop, but I am honestly glad I waited because now I have had more of a chance to put the things I learned into play. This workshop is a hidden gem and a game changer. I went in not knowing what to expect, as I already had a good grasp on camera basics, shooting in manual, etc. Paige & Corey were AMAZING with tailoring the workshop more towards our individual needs and making sure we learned as much as possible. I have felt so confident these last few months with the things I learned from this workshop! 12/10 recommend.”


Hosts + Educators

Paige + Corey of Going Home Co.
Course: Lightroom Intensive
We’ve spent the last year traveling the country in our renovated 1972 Airstream, bringing affordable education to communities that are rarely marketed towards. We both have extensive backgrounds in the camera world, coming from B&H Photo and AbelCine. We’ve been shooting weddings since 2013 and can’t put our cameras down. We left NYC in search of a more meaningful and impactful life, while fulfilling our dreams of traveling and making memories together. We’ll get you feeling confident with your Lightroom workflow, and master the tools you need to create images that represent your true self.




Kate Neal, project manager at Red Griffin Creative
Course: Branding For Your Ideal Client
If anyone has an eye for aesthetics, it’s Kate. With an impressive amount of real-world experience at such a young age, some of Kate’s strongest skills are retail merchandising, photography, visual identity, brand growth, and engagement strategies for social media. As an entrepreneurship graduate of Belmont University, Kate believes it is important to stay current in the world of business. She aims to push the boundaries of modern trends and media concepts while remaining realistic and original. Her edge is intuitive and finely tuned, and she is always quietly planning her next move with a stroke of genius. She is the person we turn to when we need to know the best taco in town, the hottest rap song release, or a trendy blog to follow.



Live Shoot Location #1

How gorgeous is this home? It belongs to some dear friends of ours and they’ve graciously offered it to us, to host an intimate indoor photo shoot! We’ll transform the space to make it unique and insanely gorgeous, and invite you all to shoot some romantic and quirky images! Let’s make cookies in the kitchen, cuddle on the couch and get steamy with their clawfoot bathtub! Yes, please!


Co-Host + Educator

Kat of Katherine Joy Studios
Course: Business + Client Management

I’ve always been a total photo nerd at heart. I’ve been photographing people for over 10 years and have been running a wedding studio for over 5 years now. After being featured in Time, People, ESPN and have won some photo awards, it’s totally made my ego feel great! However I’ve always felt the most alive and have loved life the most when creating for people. I’ve re-branded my business several times and I’m excited to share with you what’s worked for me and what hasn’t worked for me. When I’m not shooting or traveling abroad, you can catch me hip-hop dancing, binge watching Schitt's Creek and quoting Mean Girls on the reg. I’m currently living in Denver, Colorado with my psycho boxer dog, Lita.




Ben Ashby, owner of FOLK Magazine
Living somewhere between the wilds of America, the big city lights, and Steel Magnolias I’ve created a life and a community that celebrates adventure, story telling, the little things in life, and authentic conversations. I may live in New York City but my mind is continually wondering back to my rural Kentucky roots.



Live Shoot Location #2

We’ll be transforming this space in the Elizabeth Suzann warehouse (but leaving those ceiling drapes because duh!) and utilizing the light from those giant windows and garage door. We’ll create an elegant, high-fashion + wedding inspired shoot for you to test your skills and enhance your portfolio. Don’t forget, the images are yours to keep and use them however you’d like! If you took the shots and edited yourself, feel free to submit them anywhere!



Jeremy of Jeremy Rivera SEO
Course: Mastering SEO

I have been a professional in the SEO space for twelve years. Starting with the real estate industry with, I have worked in small and medium sized agencies who provided services for roofers, locksmiths and even Jeff Foxworthy. I have also consistently done freelance consulting and worked with large enterprises like HCA healthcare, Smile Direct Club, Logan's Road House and Captain D's, as well as local businesses, from commercial photographers to poop scoopers so I’ve seen it all.



Keynote Speaker

Liz of Elizabeth Suzann
I’m Liz, the designer and founder of Elizabeth Suzann. I live here in Nashville, TN with my husband (and business partner) and our two dachshunds, Odie and Oscar. We love living in Tennessee - being able to drive out of the city and see open sky and green makes life so much better. I am terribly out of touch with pop culture and current events; I am a creature of habit and find myself watching the same familiar shows and listening to the same music out of comfort. Work takes up almost all of my time, but I love it immensely and it doesn't feel much like work. I do wish I had a bit more time to spend on eating healthy and getting outside more - new year's resolution? I love junk food and could eat tacos every single day and never get sick of them. We at ES believe in mindful, careful consumption. In reducing waste, in creating long-lasting garments that serve many needs so you can buy fewer of them. We care deeply about making things the right way, but we also want to run our business the right way, and our business is more than just our product.



More educators, our amazing house, supporting businesses and sponsors.



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Advanced beginners and intermediate photographers, in the wedding industry, looking to get a better grasp on topics not often discussed. You’ll need basic knowledge of how to work your camera (no phone cameras, please) but Corey is here to nerd out with you about all the buttons and doodads you didn’t your camera had! Your editing style, business location, and ideal clients don’t matter: everyone is welcome and everyone will benefit from this retreat.

We also believe in inclusivity of all genders and races and take this very seriously.


You’ll leave with new found confidence, understanding about business tactics, a new view on light and how to master any wedding situation, fresh eyes on branding and marketing, endless supply of friends, tips and tricks to make your Lightroom workflow quick and painless, how to overcome SEO confusion, honest recommendations about posing and prompting clients, authentic ways to evoke emotion with your couples and how to be the best wedding/elopement photographer you possibly can be.


Because the east coast is worthy of love, too. Yeah California is lovely and the mountains in the PNW are stunning, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t endless communities of creatives looking for a different location… either closer to home or just something new. Nashville is full of creative energy, local businesses and badass humans who want to help you succeed.

+ How much will it cost?

1600 Per Person. Let’s be honest… most retreats that are all-inclusive cost more than this. And our goal has always been to make things as affordable and accessible as possible. So the first thing you need to know is that every penny is going back into this retreat, not our pockets. Secondly, our one-day workshop is priced at $500… so a 4-day, 3-night retreats with multiple courses, lodging + food provided, needs to have an appropriate and usable price tag. We’ll make it worth every penny.


They’re yours to keep and do whatever you’d like with them. Make sure you’re only sharing work that you took and you edited. After that, follow your heart and spread your work like confetti.


We don't believe battling over other students for the right to learn. You’re already family.


Lodging: beautiful, safe, spacious and accommodating, with easy access to our styled shoot locations.. in the Sylvan Park area! The food: locally sourced, homemade and always delicious. Dietary restrictions will be accomodated for! We'll reach out about this information once your ticket is purchased. Cooked on site, by a trained chef, with your allergies + restrictions dictating the menu! All meals will be provided with large family dinners, brunches and healthy breakfast options.


We’re limiting it to 20 students, because we want to make sure to create a safe space for you to be uniquely you. Ask those questions you were too afraid to ask, make friends with your community and grow as a creative.


Six courses and multiple live shoots… yowza. But listen, if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my 30 years on this planet and being a creative, it’s the importance of balancing both sides of your brain, accommodating for different types of learning and giving you space to breath, reflect and unwind. Between classes, hosted on site, will be breaks, editing labs, nap time, crafts, yoga, daydreaming, journaling, snacking, whatever you need to feel yourself again.


Your camera and an open mind. We’ll handle the rest. Also, underwear. Don’t forget to pack that.


Yes, please do! However, you’ll both need to purchase a ticket.


For the people in the back… YOU ARE WORTH IT!


two payments of $800 per person

Or 1 payment of $1600

All-Inclusive Learning Retreat

Only 20 Spots Available

Space is limited, because it’s not about the money. It’s about creating an intimate and safe space and encouraging you to try new things, find your voice and leave with a supportive family. Purchase in full, or in two payments. Full payment must be received before the retreat date. Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred.