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E-book no. 01

We’re getting real with it. We’ve held nothing back from this guidebook and we’re excited to share our personal habits and methods for creating emotional and timeless imagery. There are no secrets. You deserve transparency and honest information.




This webinar is a tool designed to make your LR workflow far less stressful. We discuss hard drives, catalogues, organization, importing and exporting.We’'ll even show you how to start fresh or clean up and existing mess! NEXT DATE: 5/16/19




We’re coming to a city near you and offering affordable education in your own backyard! Our workshop is a full day and has three courses to maximize your investment. Each attendee gets take home demo contracts and model release, goodies from all our sponsors, and of course… a live shoot for hands-on practice! It’s all hosted in our 1972 Airstream to help keep costs low and tickets affordable! We even have guest educators at some of our workshops, and they’ll be leading the live shoot (so you can get an inside look at how your favorite photographers create their work).

no guest educator

with guest educator