You’re here. On the student questionnaire. Which means… we’ll finally be meeting you, so soon!
This form is designed to get us all the information we need to provide you with the best workshop atmosphere possible. Your experience, from beginning to end, is important to us. Every detail matters and keeps me up at night, so no thought is unwarranted.

Please be as thorough as possible!
I wouldn’t make you fill out a form if we didn’t need the info. I know the episode of The Office needs rewatching so let’s get this done quickly + easily!

Name *
This helps us sort our lists and keep this organized! Excel is our friend.
You can bring any digital with manual capabilities!
Do you have a website we can lurk? Just being honest..
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And lastly, the facespace (we don't tweet, btw)...
Will you be driving your own vehicle to the event?
We'll be making snacks! Anything you absolutely cannot have or be around?
Let us know so we don't make anything that could potentially kill you :)
How Do You Take Your Coffee?
We love it and we'll be starting around the table with some coffee and good conversation.
About photography! ONE THING! The biggest most important and urgent thing you want to ask!
What is something you really want to focus on? Let us try and work it into the curriculum!
How Allergic To Cats Are You?
Your Number! *
Your Number!
We will ONLY use this is you don't show up or go missing during the day... something like that!
Name Of Emergency Contact *
Name Of Emergency Contact
We need it.. sorry! Better to be safe.
Are You Bringing A Laptop?
Space, electricity and wifi in the airstream is limited so we want to make sure we're ready! It's not necessary for the workshop but you're welcome to use it for note taking or to practice during the Lightroom course.
Your Custom Curriculum! *
Your Custom Curriculum!
Please... be honest with us! It's only the two of us reading this and we'll use it to make sure the workshop is catered to you, customized for your needs and answering all your questions.
You need some help understanding Manual mode...
You feel comfortable with all the buttons and doodads on that back of your camera...
You need some guidance with Adobe Lightroom...
You enjoy photographing people or that's the focus you'd like to take...
You are completely happy with your style and brand direction...
Please, tell us anything you think we should know!! We want to hear it :) and we cannot wait to meet you!