The Difference

You're investing your time, money and energy into our workshop, the least we can do is offer you a truly memorable experience that can potentially alter your path in life. And we can do that in a judgement-free zone, surrounded by supportive peers, a beautiful landscape and good coffee.

Here's some things to keep in mind when deciding wether or not this workshop is for you...

We've been in your shoes. Both of us spent years in school and we're just now starting to pay off our loans. Let us teach you the basics for a simple, one time price. This will give you the understanding you need to develop your craft and decide your level of commitment to the business. It's not for everyone, and we know that.

✖ We offer information for beginner to intermediate photographers, while most other photography workshops only cover information for the business owner. We can dive into personal business aspects during your free follow-up session, but the workshop is to solidify your technical knowledge (in a fun + enjoyable way) and make the world of photography a more comfortable place. When that happens, you're more prone to learn and far more likely to follow your creativity.

We come to you! All other workshops require you to travel to them or their location, but we're traveling the country and guarantee to be stopping somewhere near you.

The lovin' doesn't stop here. Typical workshops are a one + done sort of deal, but ours goes much further. You'll be invited to the online forum where we encourage your creative growth with frequent prompts and a supportive community of peers.

We know things... seriously! We've spent years in the corporate creative industry, working with the companies you love, while also running our own wedding production company (shameless promotion here). We're taking what we've learned + bringing you something new.

✖ We're renovating a vintage airstream and bringing it on the road with us! It's our mobile home, workspace and photo studio. We want you to feel comfortable and create a safe place for us to be transparent and you to feel vulnerable enough to ask all those questions you've been too nervous to ask. We’re living a ‘leave no trace’ lifestyle and teaching how to utilize this method when shooting around the country (stay on the paths and get your permits in order!).