Here's a breakdown of the workshop and what we will be teaching+ discussing throughout the day.

It's our belief that quality education should be offered to young creatives at an affordable price and within their means of travel. So we're coming to you with loads of useful + practical education, all for an affordable price.

✖ PHOTO 101



Every good workshop starts with coffee and introductions. We suggest you eat a hearty breakfast and then meet up with us, where we'll provide drip coffee + small snacks, and encourage the conversation to begin with honest and heartfelt introductions. Don't worry too much about this part, we will create a fun and safe space that naturally creates community and acceptance. Nothing else will be tolerated.

This is a diverse community and LGBTQ+ friendly environment. Nothing else will be tolerated!

Course 01

Photo 101 + Gear
Ask us the hard questions, we dare you. This curriculum is designed to breakdown the craft of photography into an easy to understand way. You'll walk away feeling far more confident with your skill. We'll teach you how to step away from "auto" and get fully acquainted with your camera. From there, we'll discuss the basics and building blocks of photography. This includes composition, color and theory. We’ll explain the importance of organization and professionalism when shooting anywhere, especially out in the field. We’ll offer inside guidance regarding contracts, permits and respecting the outdoors when conducting business in the wilderness.

We break down your camera into the simplest form, allowing you to understand the inner workings. You’ll finally master all those random buttons and knobs, and learn techniques to use your camera to it’s full potential.

*The course is designed for DSLR users. Film photographers are welcome. Please no iphones or cameras without manual functions. If you do not have a DSLR, you're welcome to come and practice using our gear!


Lightroom For Beginners
During this course, we will explain how to set up your Adobe Lightroom catalogue, organize your work, discover your editing style, quick workflows and proper exporting techniques.

*if you do not have Adobe Lightroom, signup and download the free trial a couple days before your workshop begins! This application is the most commonly used within the industry and what we will be teaching with. Get acquainted with it, and we’ll help you get your bearings. No worries.


Client Management
We go through our entire workflow, from the first email inquiry through the gallery delivery. We explain the programs we use, software we’ve purchased and the companies we utilize to create the perfect experience for our couples.

Since we shoot weddings and intimate moments, we'll be teaching how to shoot with people, specifically, real-life couples. We love working with models but our careers focus primarily on two humans in love, and creating authentic moments and reactions between the two. This is what we'll be teaching. We will discuss how we find our couples, shoot a wedding, produce a couple shoot and keep up relations. It’s an inside look at our personal workflow and will guidance toward legitimizing your new business, shooting legally and thoughtfully, and how to respect the outdoors while shooting.


Practice Makes Better
We believe, as creatives, that we learn easier and better retain the knowledge when we practice what we've learned. Practice soon after you've learned and practice often, it's the only way we can grow, gain confidence and increase our talents. So at the end of every workshop day, we'll finish by shooting with a real couple. We'll practice prompting them and creating organic moments between the two. All these images will be yours to keep and showcase online or in print.

*Time and length of live shoot is dictated by the sunlight. If inclement weather, we will shoot in the airstream. It will be adorable, don't you worry.


Campfire And Chill
The end of the workshop will be up to you! Head home and edit the photos we just created together, or stick around and listen to some music and unwind with us at our airstream. We'll make ourselves available for conversation and questions while we gather around a campfire (in locations that allow it) and share a fun + safe evening.

follow up

Don't Stop Believing
Community doesn't stop after one day.
After sign up, you'll be invited to our top secret facebook group which offers frequent prompts to keep your creativity going, and is designed to be a safe space to continue our conversation. Use this is a space to share work, collaborate on projects and ask for help (we all need it sometimes). We'll also follow up with each attendee, offering everyone a single 30-minute facetime session to help with whatever topics you need extra help in!